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Opera – Figaro!

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Lyric Opera ChicagoTerri got a pair of opera tickets from a co-worker. It was the famous The Barber of Seville. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was up for it. We sat in the front row, plenty of leg room and you could see the orchestra pit. It was pretty neat, I remember the music from watching Tom and Jerry growing up. Sitting in the front is cool and I’m glad it was an interesting opera otherwise it would look bad to fall asleep where everyone could see you.

The Opera was a comedy so it was light hearted. Sure it was in another language but they had the words up on a screen when they sang them. There wasn’t as many words as you would think, they seem to repeat a lot of what they are saying and they don’t reprint the lyrics on the screen so you could just read the sentence and then get back to watching them sing and jump around.

One thing that I got a kick out of that probably only a few people were able to see was in the orchestra pit. There were two percussionist and they didn’t seem to have much to do (mostly strings in the songs, )one of them kept disappearing for long periods of time. Despite a couple of crossword puzzles from the musicians, the two trumpet players seem the have a little party session going on. They left a couple times and one seemed to rush back in fear of missing their cue. Those wacky musicians.

On to the food review. We went to Avec, it was a late night, the show was 3 hours 15 minutes and by the time we got out it was 10:45. Avec is open till midnight so it was perfect and the food is wonderful there. We got one of our favorites, bacon wrapped stuffed dates, yum! This is the second time we went to Avec and both times we say that we should go there more often. If anyone is in the West Loop around dinner time let us know.

Jersey Boys

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Jersey BoysTerri took me to see Jersey Boy’s for my birthday last week. It was Awesome! I never realized that I knew every song. It’s a good show to see with a girl, or a guy, whatever your in to. Check it out, it was playing in Chicago for a limited time but then they extended it forever or something like that.

The following day we went to the south loop and ate at the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant. It was a very good Steak house. I don’t eat steak that often but I do love a good one.

Well there’s my two recommendations. Check em out!

Lin’s Bin on XRT

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Lin’s Bin on XRT

One of my life goals was accomplished the other day. I made it to Lin’s Bin on XRT. Every Monday Wednesday and Friday he answers a question from his email, you could listen to Lin’s podcasts here, mine is the one on 8/20/07 Double Albums. Check it out, I’m famous!

HD radio vs. Satelite

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006

sirius.jpgSlashdot just posted an article about HD radio. I noticed the slashdotters seem to share the same opinions that I do on the subject. I have had Sirius for about 6 months now and I like it much more than regular radio. I rarely even listen to non-sirius in the car. Between Howard Stern, the comedy channels and all the comercial free music I don’t have a reason to go back. On my Sirius reciever I even have alerts that I set up that scan the music stations and tell me when a song I choose will be playing so I could tune in.

Hooked on a Feeling

Monday, February 6th, 2006

David Hasselhoff has done it again. Yes this is the same guy from Knight Rider and Baywatch, he also help knock down the Berlin wall. You could see him here: singing Hooked on a feeling.

I don’t know how old this is because the special effects are horrible, but I especially like his Superman effect. I hope this is a joke, but I’ll let  you decide. Watch at your own risk.

George Bush Sings Sunday Bloody Sunday

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
Bush U2
I was listening to Opie and Anthony this morning and I heard them play a mash up of George Bush singing the U2 song Sunday Bloody Sunday. After doing a little googling I was able to find the song on It was made by DJ RX who has done some more of these Bush mash ups, including one to My Generation by The Who. You might need to register at his site to hear the rest of the song but you could download Sunday Bloody Sunday here.