Jen says, “Vote for Ron Paul”

Super Tuesday is approaching fast. If your still undecided, google the candidates and pick one, or listen to Jen, she has her mind made up. Here are a few points that she told me.

Jen says,

-He’s for less government – why pay taxes to have the state and federal governments doing the same things?

-He’s honest and doesn’t change his stance according to what various groups want to hear. This is backed by his voting record over the past 30 years.
-He has never taken any of the junkets (read bribes) given by the lobbyists.

-He knows more about the financial problems the county’s facing than any other candidate and has been talking about it all along. His Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan:

If you haven’t jumped on the Ron Paul bandwagon yet, check him out at his website to see why Democrats and Republicans alike are turning to Ron Paul!

Ron Paul and Jen

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  1. Jen says:

    This Jen girl sounds like she really know what she’s talking about. I will vote Ron Paul on Feb 5th!

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