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Jen says, “Vote for Ron Paul”

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Super Tuesday is approaching fast. If your still undecided, google the candidates and pick one, or listen to Jen, she has her mind made up. Here are a few points that she told me.

Jen says,

-He’s for less government – why pay taxes to have the state and federal governments doing the same things?

-He’s honest and doesn’t change his stance according to what various groups want to hear. This is backed by his voting record over the past 30 years.
-He has never taken any of the junkets (read bribes) given by the lobbyists.

-He knows more about the financial problems the county’s facing than any other candidate and has been talking about it all along. His Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan:

If you haven’t jumped on the Ron Paul bandwagon yet, check him out at his website to see why Democrats and Republicans alike are turning to Ron Paul!

Ron Paul and Jen

Removing Folder Redirection

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

I ran into a problem where I had a computer that was synchronizing the My Documents folder to an old server on a non-existent domain. This was all being done through group policies and active directory. The computer was joined the new domain with folder redirection. It was synchronizing fine in the new domain but it was still trying to connect to the old server. I did not have the old server to remove the group policy.

When this happens offline files are kind of in limbo. In order to remove the synchronized documents I had to go delete the offline files. It’s a rather simple process once I figured it out. I recommend backing up your current My Documents folder first then follow these steps:

Double click on My Computer
Click Tools -> Folder Options
Click the Offline Files tab
Then click Delete Files
In this window you will see your new and old servers that you are synchronizing
Check the Server you want to delete
Then click the radial that says “Delete both the temporary offline version and the versions that are always available offline.”
Log out and back in and it should not be looking for the old server anymore.