White Sox vs. The Cleveland Indians

I’m going to the White Sox game tomorrow. This will be the first one of the season for me. I will be going with my Dad, Mom and sister, lets see if we could bring in a winner! They lost the first two games of the season but it’s not a big deal, I think they are going to do alright this year. Their ace, Mark Buehrle will be pitching and I can’t wait to see what happens. We’ll be sitting in left field (sec 159) right by the Sox bullpen. We are in row 22 and my Uncle Russ and Aunt Sue will be in row 4 of the same section! Let’s hope they hit some homeruns over there.

It’s going to be a cold day at The Cell, the weather forcast says it will be in the 30’s which is definaitly not baseball weather. I’m going to dress like it’s a Bears game. I hope a win will warm us up.

For anyone that does not have access to a TV for the game check out foxsports.com for fairly close to realtime updates of the game. I used that website and liked it for fantasy football this past year, and also all my football pools. I liked all the information that they gave during the games. Check it out, it’s pretty cool.

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