My Birthday

Birthday CakeYesterday was my “official” birthday. Terri and I went out to dinner at Avec where the food there was wonderful and we had a great time. But the big party was the Friday before when Terri threw me a surprise party. We went to one of our favorite places Jak’s Tap for what I thought was a going away party for Jen’s friend Mark. Little did I know that it was all a cover. She pulled it off, it was a great party and I had a lot of fun and I was very surprised, not only by the party but by the amount of people that showed up. I think the head count was about 42 people and I want to thank everyone for coming out and celebrating with me, and thank you Terri for throwing a great party!

Here are the pictures from my sisters camera and I think there were a couple more camera’s there so hopefully I will get those pics sometime soon.

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  1. Seamus says:

    Kudos to Terri for a terrific partay!

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