Seven honored for meritorious service in Iraq last year

Dave Fitzpatrick

David in the news again, I decided to Digg it.

Staff Sgt. David Fitzpatrick’s family didn’t think he was cut out to be an explosive ordnance disposal expert, let alone take on one of the most dangerous tasks in wartime service only to become one of the heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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3 Responses to “Seven honored for meritorious service in Iraq last year”

  1. mike says:

    Tim, Thats a great story about you brother. Congrats to him. You should increase the picture size to include the Bronze star on his jacket. GO IRISH

  2. timfitz says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do that. By the way, it’s my cousin.

  3. mike says:

    NICE JOB. your COUSINS star looks good

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