Sports filled Week

This is going to be a busy week with sports for me. Today I will be going to the Sox game with my good friend, Adrian. Lets hope Freddy Garcia can pull off a victory against the Mariner’s after that upset yesterday against Cleveland. White Sox
Tomorrow I will be going to game six of the playoffs for the Chicago Bulls with my girlfriend Terri. They are behind in the series 2-3 but I still think they could pull it off. Bulls
Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and we are going to Arlington Park. The Ricker is the mastermind of this operation. David says he likes Seaside Retreat, The Ricker likes Brother Derek, my Uncle Jim likes Sinister Minister. I’m thinking of Sharp Humor, but that’s just because Terri and I met a bartender that said her father is the jockey. So I figure that’s a good enough reason for me. My dad is saying Sweetnorthersaint and he also has a futures bet on Brother Derek also, and Lin Bramer likes Steppenwolfer because you need to pick a horse’s name that you could yell at the top of your lungs. Kentucky Derby

5 Responses to “Sports filled Week”

  1. Doug says:

    That was a sweet victory last night, let’s hope for another victory tonight. By the way, that webcam picture makes you look gayer that Liberace deep-throating bananas in a ballerina outfit.

  2. Crafty says:

    bananas, bananas and peanut butter?

  3. Doug says:

    I had steppenwolfer to place, so of course he only showed. Yet another reason to add to my long list entitled “Why Kentucky Blows”.

  4. Seamus says:

    A granny, a game tying homer, and an extra inning game winning hit. Great Sox game!

  5. timfitz says:

    Yes Seamus, that was an excellent game. The Bulls game on the other hand wasn’t that great. I had a good time at Arlington Park. I would have had a better time if I won some money.

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