Webcam Added

I decided to add a webcam in the office. Now if I will be in the office for any length of time you would see some action on it. I’m thinking of setting up one of the other computers as a “testing/webcam” computer. Then, at least if I’m not in the office you could see two angle’s of Doug.

I used the script:

To the right of the main page I changed size so there is a thumbnail view of the webcam and then if you click on it there is a larger view on a seperate page. Sorry Jen not big enough to see Doug’s letters on Literati but i’m working on it.

Click here to view the webcam.

6 Responses to “Webcam Added”

  1. jenz says:

    Must be big enough to see letters…I am on a bad losing streak!

  2. wanie says:

    hi! im just wondering, how do you prevent ur flash banner from reloading each time users click on another category/link? 😀

  3. Dude, that’s so cool! I’ll be back for your new articles!

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